Arki's Art


I was born in Athens, in a small neighborhood with single-family houses, dominated by colors and smells... Since I was a child, my love for painting was obvious. After High School I attended linear and free drawing classes at a school in Athens in Exarchia. I continued my studies in Belgium at the Academie des Beaux Arts-Charleroi. I dealt with many categories of painting, ending up in figurative painting. My work as an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs brought me into contact with many countries and their culture, enriching the subject matter of my works, correspondingly affecting my color palette. (The blinding light of Morocco contrasted with the foggy dark landscapes of Belgium and Tbilisi...). Introverted as a character, painting is for me a way of expression and communication with the world. A means to render emotion, to reveal the hidden, the unspoken...). I have had three individual exhibitions and from 1987 until today I have taken part in numerous group exhibitions. My works are in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in private collections in Belgium, Morocco, Georgia, Algeria and Greece.



  • Sarleroua Belgium (2002)
    The exhibtions was a big success and all the celebreties were there

  • Thessaloniki (2015)

Participation in group exhibitions

  • Sarleroua (1985)

  • Athens lkjsdfkjsdlfkjsdflkj (1999)